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Brakes & Brake Repair

Convenient and Affordable Brake Repair Services

When it comes to brakes and brake repair come see us at Tire Discount.  The health of your brakes are extremely important for both your vehicle and the safety of everyone around you, so it’s not something you should neglect. If your brake light is on, your brakes are squealing, or if you are not comfortable with how quickly your vehicle slows down, give us a call or come visit us at Tire Discount.  We have qualified, professional technicians who can not only give you a prompt diagnosis, we can also repair or replace your brakes to keep your vehicle running safely.


Top 4 Warning Signs that you Need Brake Repair Services

Squealing, Grinding, Screeching or High Pitched Noises

If your vehicle is making high pitched squealing, screeching or grinding noises, it’s time to schedule a brake inspection as soon as possible.  Noisy brakes is usually a sign of worn out brake pads or shoes.  Continuing to drive in these conditions is not only unsafe, it can cause more damage if left unattended.

Pulsing or Vibrating

During the braking process if you are feeling any pulsing or vibrating in the brake pedal or steering wheel, then a brake inspection in needed.  Pulsing and vibrating of brakes is a sign of rotor issues.  Damaged or warped rotors can lead to costly repairs.  Don’t wait, bring your vehicle in for a complete diagnosis if you are experiencing these signs.

Poor Stopping

If you are not feeling comfortable with how quickly your vehicle slows down, or if it feels like your brake pedal is pushing down further than it should, come see us at Tire Discount.  This could be a sign of worn out brake pads.  If left unattended to this can lead to further damages and costly repairs.

Brake Light is On

The brake light of your vehicle is on, this could be a sign of low brake pads or an issue with the brake fluid system.  Your brakes are an extremely important safety feature of your vehicle.  Don’t risk your safely.  If the light is on bring your vehicle in for a thorough diagnosis.

brakes & brake repair
brakes & brake repair