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Precision Wheel Alignments

Advanced Wheel Alignments with Hunter Technology

Is your vehicle in need of a wheel alignment?  If so, look no further, Tire Discount is your one stop shop for all of your wheel alignment needs.  At Tire Discount our experienced professional technicians will make sure your vehicle handles properly and that all of your wheels are in alignment with each other and wears evenly.  We use the Hunter Alignment Machine, which is a wheel alignment system developed by the world leader Hunter Engineering.

wheel alignments

Signs of Needing a Wheel Alignment Include:

Uneven or rapid tire wear

Pulling to the right or left

Squealing tires

Noisy steering

Steering wheel being crooked when you are driving straight

Explore Our Precision Alignment Process

Our wheel alignments include:

Putting vehicle on the alignment rack

Mount and compensate sensors

Inspect steering and suspension system including tire condition and air pressure

Adjust alignment angle to manufacturer’s specifications

wheel alignments

All of this is done for the Low Price of $75!  

You won’t find this service done right anywhere else at this price!

Ensure Your Ride's Perfect Alignment